Friday, June 21, 2013

Online Business Tip: 1 Sad Reason Why You Criticize Pros

What a stunning sunset from our deck in Quepos, Costa Rica....Kelli and I love it here...the wildlife is tremendous!...we saw 4 Jesus Christ lizards walking on water the other day along with a loud Howler Monkey outside of our apartment....

I had a ball - for like 5 seconds - reading comments about the Heat's championship win last night.

"Lebron is supposed to make open shots, the Heat are supposed to win, yadda, yadda yadda..."

I am a Knicks fan. I do not care for the Heat but I know great players and teams when I see them. Lebron and the Heat are great.

Now great players and teams, just like great online business entrepreneurs attract low energy criticism.

You know, the stuff that vermin create, like:

  • criticizing a job well done because you wish you could do a job that well
  • criticizing someone who is experiencing a particularly tough time
  • picking apart someone due to outright, insane, bitter jealously

The people who spend time trawling online business or sports boards, criticizing pros, do not have 15 hour days to work, or millions to go home this crowd criticizes, jealous, and upset.

You see this often whenever Facebook makes a change.

Broke ass folks then tell a billionaire the massive mistake he is making, and how Facebook will collapse, and be taken over by Google Plus.

Well, Mark's billions are safe, guys. I know he listens to feedback but the wild, gesticulation, outright nasty criticism, that you see, is indicative of.....

.....Broke, Sad, Amateurs...

It is tough to watch at times because the people who most need to learn from, and admire, online business pros are the exact folks who criticize them.

The broke, sick, failures criticize who they wish to become. They might say otherwise but in virtually all cases jealously is a confused admiration, a type of worship, from a perverse space.

If you wish to generate cash online and expand your home based venture you darn well better listen when successful people succeed.

You better learn from what you see when successful people succeed.

Lebron worked on his jump shot for tens of thousands of hours, over the course of years, and he nailed about 10 of 'em last night to win the championship.

Instead of criticizing him, fans should see his work ethic, the same type of work ethic that, if the critics adopted, would move them into higher circles, and away from the petty, absurd criticism seen on message boards.

You criticize online business pros because you wish you had the balls, the courage and sick work ethic, the drive, of these want their:

  1. Fame
  2. Success
  3. Money
  4. Acclaim
  5. Positive Energy
  6. Influence
Or if you do not want these things, you want something else that they have.....or else you would simply ignore them, and their accomplishments, and move on with your life.

This one is a toughie for unhappy people to grasp. Wild online business successes did not become successes by criticizing pros....they learned from pros and mimicked their results.

As an internet business entrepreneur you better pull out your pen and paper, or Evernote, and take least if you want to make money with your work at home venture.

The Solution

Do not criticize or condemn.

Learn from online business pros to see pro-like results. Take notes. Study. Observe. Move into similar actions.

You want to be like them on some level, you work at home critics. It is sad, that you waste your life doing the exact stuff that repels money - whatever or whomever you criticize in others, flees from you - but you can avert this tragedy by appreciating brilliance and learning from the best.

How do you better learn from pros?

Have you fallen into this internet marketing trap?

Are you into hero worship? Or are you a skeptical basher? Has being a hater served you?

Do you want online business wealth or fame?

Or do you want to be average?

How can you stop criticizing and start commending?

How can you do what pros do?