Sunday, June 2, 2013

1 Reason Why You Succeed Daily

Make each day a success. I like to. Why you succeed is dictated by 1 clear reason; you listen to good advice and act on good online business advice. If you ignore good advice you will fail endlessly. I ignored good advice, like testing and tweaking, for years. I would bail completely on a system if the system did not work in 1 month.

Or I rarely tweaked a system needing tweaking. But I learned in time that working from a smart place - following good advice - puts money in your pocket. Working smart is working from a calm place. I followed good advice, finally. I listened and acted so I succeed daily. Example; I noticed yesterday that my ad earnings were low.

So I made a change. I ignored good advice; I am creating more and networking less. I know this because I tested after 1 month; more good advice. If I ignored good advice I do not test, miss the correlation and fail. But I succeed by being nimble. I ignore, I lost. I pay attention, I win. Heeding advice marks the difference between online success and failure. Heeding good advice at least. Be open to positive suggestions by following leaders from your home business niche. If you put your ego aside and get going on what needs to be done - because you listened to the advice of smart people - your job is easy. You never need to struggle or strain or strive for months or years online.

But you do need to listen for good advice and act on this form of online gold immediately. I will begin networking at between 6 and 7 PM. Before then I will write; guest posts, posts for here, posts for my other 2 blogs. I do this because I checked my ad earnings and needed to make a change. I slacked off in the writing department recently because I hopped in and out of tribes and sharing clubs between blog posts. Since I spent time doing networking instead of blogging the blogging suffered. I chose to spend energy on little acts adding up to much time instead of remaining true to blogging then doing the networking bit later in the day. What a difference.

With no social sharing happening or networking between posts I finish this piece in under 8 minutes. I devote my energy to 1 task and see the task through. I listened to good advice from many sage mentors online. At night I will network. I will do the Triberr bit and comment DX bit and MLM tribes bit. Until then I focus on creating blog posts. I write guest posts. I promote my online success quickly because I like following good advice. Do you follow good advice?