Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1 Warning Sign that You Need to Use More Technology

I just spent all morning at Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, a spot Forbes Magazine voted one of the Top 10 national parks in the world.

I can see why. Look at the photos I snapped a few minutes ago. Scroll up and down.

Well I could not take these crisp pictures without using technology, and I certainly would not captivate your senses with blurry pictures.

I also could not have taken this 2 month long holiday without working online. I could not have taken the trip without automating some processes along the way.

All possible with technology.

If you feel tied to your computer then stop working manually and use more technology.

If you get few page views joined automated sharing tribes like Triberr.

If you need a vacation and run a home business start using tools to automate some processes.

You get no bonus points for working hard when other people are working smart and achieve so much more.

I guarantee you there are many more motivated, more intelligent entrepreneurs out there who work harder and are smarter than I but hey, I just visited this stunning national park. These folks are tied to a computer, resisting tech.

I was a former non techie. I hated tools. I despised automation. But I learned whatever you despise teaches you about you.

So I learned that I needed to embrace tech to become a more effective online entrepreneur.

I needed to use technology to make my life easier. I had to release a hard work consciousness to make room for a prosperity consciousness.

By doing these things my job became much easier. I paid for hootsuite. I used tweet old post plug ins. I did other stuff to adopt tech.

I included images of me traveling all over the world on my blogs.

I became one popular dude because I embraced technology instead of cursing the creative advances.

What you resist teaches you about you.

Become more of a tech guy.

Heed the warning sign of being tied to a computer. I worked 18 hour days and had little to show for it while guys working 6 hours a day travels the world and became wildly successful.

At the end of the day the bottom line matters.

Use tech to reach your desired bottom line more quickly.

Do you use technology?

Or do you resist technology?