Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who Wants Banana Shakes?

Kelli and I picked up banana shakes an hour ago in Quepos, Costa Rica...we preserved the moment ;)

I have a life, ya know?  Driven online business pros forget to prove that yes, they have a life. I miss this point sometimes.

Sure I hang out and share images of my most recent - or current - vacation spot, but hey, I rarely write about this stuff.

This blog is all about running an online business. I get that. But I also know the important of pulling back, sharing your human-ness, and simply selling the dream.

Doing so:

  • boosts your trust factor immediately; people tend to trust someone who proves that they do people stuff
  • improves your posture; someone who pulls back from online business outcomes detaches from their biz, showing that you are not desperate to sell your know-how AND that you have some success
  • sells a dream....and by selling a dream, or the internet lifestyle, you influence individuals to do the same
  • changes things up so you do not bore your audience to death with the home business content

I Have Struggled Mightily in this Department

I have struggled to do this. I like solving problems, staying on topic and writing practical usable content.

But I also know people like to see that I am human, not some online business automon. I travel the world. Yep, you know, if you see the banner above or the images on the sidebar.

I even weave travel stories into my biz-themed posts.

But sometimes you need to let go the biz stuff entirely and talk about how you just bought banana shakes, and how grateful you feel to live the internet lifestyle, and how:

  • you saw 4 massive Magnificent Frigatebirds in the past few hours
  • your nextdoor neighbor in Costa Rica served as an assistant to Charles Merrill, Jr, the heir to the Merrill Lynch Fortune
  • you saw a Jesus Christ lizard earlier today RUN ON WATER at the 'em!
  • you are on a new bodybuilding kick

Yeah I can tie this stuff into my online business, and I do, but today, I am all about pictures of me on the beach in Quepos, and sharing banana shakes, and talking wildlife here in Quepos, and all that good stuff.

Sell a dream. Prove that you are real. Detach from business outcomes. Let your personality come out.

Be a person, not a profile, or some online business persona. Gain the trust of your audience. Inspire your readers. Establish your human-ness.

You Need to Pullback

Your success grows if you pullback. Brilliant ideas flow into detached spaces. This means you can generate your biggest money making ideas by not talking or even thinking about making money.

A challenge, until you decide to get a life, and share it with your blogging audience.

Do you pull back and prove that you have a life outside of running an online business?

How do you detach from your business?