Saturday, June 22, 2013

1 Facebook Marketing Mistake Guaranteed to Annoy Your Friends

I hate this Facebook marketing approach.

Heck, even when a person wants to help me with an inspirational update I get annoyed by this approach.

Watch the video as I discuss from Quepos, Costa Rica.

1 Facebook Marketing Mistake Guaranteed to... por RyanKBiddulph

Indiscriminate Tagging

I hate being tagged so I can see a new, exciting, promising business opportunity.

I do not like being tagged for inspirational quotes. I have read the quote before. I live the quote. No need to tag me....because if I wanted to read your update, or was meant to read it, I would have read it, right?

I appreciate the high energy tags but indiscriminate tagging annoys me, and even the most tolerant, high energy folks.

We are busy running online businesses. We have no time to go through these updates, and confirm, and sift through all responses to a tagged post.

The solution? Well it is easy. Really easy.

Tag people only if it serves them directly. Tag people to promote THEIR blog posts and videos, NOT your agenda.

Example; you read a great blog post. Share on Facebook and tag the author. Perfect.

Or, if you are running a live webinar and feel 100 percent certain that each tagged individual would want to join then feel free to tag them.

The Catch?

In the second case, the 100% certain part means that you must be close with the person. You must be their good friend, so you know that they are interested in joining your online business webinar.

If the person has zero interest in the opportunity you run the risk of pissing people off by spamming them.

Rule of thumb; publish stuff and allow people to find it on their own time. Or tag someone ONLY if you are promoting their content, or their business, to help them out.

The problem is that few think what tagging is like, for a busy guy or gal. I might sift thtough 5 or 10 tags each day, to approve or reject, and when 4 of these tags are inspirational posts I get a bit annoyed, because I am not interested.

I have read many of these quotes hundreds of times, back when I was a failure, and I read them many more times when I failed.

Many people post these updates to get their vibe up, which is awesome, but do not tag folks who do not need to get their vibe up, or who might be interested, as this can be the online business kiss of death.

The tagger might be a great guy or gal, and they might still be friends with other bloggers, but if the tagging continues, you just broke one make money online law; you lost a potential strong social media alliance.

Me and my friends tag each other because:

  • we want to drive traffic to our friend's blogs
  • we want to give our friends online business props
  • we want to help our friends make money online
  • we want to promote people to help them expand their reach

Re-read the list. Each reason is geared toward promoting other people, toward helping other people.

Get rid of selfish motives, and in the case of high energy updates; get past the fear of people missing content. I will find it, if I was meant too.

Stop tagging unless you are tagging to promote other people's content.

Do you use an aggressive tagging strategy?

Or are you a once in a while tagger?

How can you better use Facebook's tagging feature responsibly?