Thursday, June 27, 2013

1 Mistake Made by Many Experienced Bloggers

Shalom! No, I was not in Israel, but Cusco, Peru a few months ago when I took this picture....

I often receive requests from bloggers - many of them experienced - to respond to every comment made on a post.

I feel this is a mistake.


Logic. Think it through. The 10 minutes I just spent responding to 20 comments from 2 months ago makes little sense.

Who looks at posts from 2 months ago?

The Blogger and The Guest Poster....LOL!

Now I do believe that responding to as many comments as possible is important, but this one thing stops many experienced bloggers - and guest posters - from growing.

They need to be creating new content!

New Content:

  • draws in traffic steadily, helping you generate ad revenue or attract new clients
  • helps you form alliances with new bloggers
  • helps you expand your online business presence quickly and easily

Responding to blog posts from 1 or 2 months ago:

  • is not efficient use of your time; people check dates before reading posts and most will not read old posts
  • is spending time you could be using to write new online business posts
  • can be a bit annoying when you have new posts to write ;)

I am friends with many top shelf bloggers who have their heart in the right place; I feel they are making a mistake.

Of course this is not a right or wrong issue; you just want to use your time efficiently to grow your online business.

Who is looking at the post? A few people, the blogger, and the guest blogger who decides to respond to comments after being asked to do so.

I can see the benefits but the rewards pale in comparison to the effort spent responding.

People wonder why I am do prolific. How I create so many blog posts.

I make my day ALL about creating new blog posts! And new guest posts, at certain times!

If you spend 5, 10 or 15 minutes responding to new or old comments you cannot write as many online business blog posts, because you cannot be in 2 places at 1 time.

Stop responding to every comment. Think about how you spend your time.

I will help out bloggers who ask me, of course, if I can, and if I am not in some UBER busy time frame.....and I am responding to comments on an old guest posts now, as I write this ;)

All because I respect a different point of view.....I just want new, and even experienced bloggers, to think this strategy through, before they continue with responding to comments....even from weeks, or months ago

Even if you run a well-read online business blog you would be much better off spending that time to write a new blog post.

Effectiveness means letting go the old and worn out to make room for the new, and exciting.

Use your logic. New post, and hundreds or thousands of page views, or responding to 12 comments from 4 months ago, for 20, or 40 page views?

Do I make sense?

Or do you disagree?

How long should you wait before closing out comments on a post, or before saying that you will not respond to comments?

Or will you always respond to every comment?