Sunday, June 2, 2013

Try this Little Ad Tweak

I use bigger ads now. Much bigger ads. I am tweaking. In a good way. After testing for this month I will account for other factors and simply honor the change or move in a different direction. Most bloggers feel weird about making money through blogging. Money is a funny subject. Most people do not want to let people know they make money with their blog. If you release this block you can prosper. Prospering means making your blogs painfully obvious. Do this you are good money. You are raking it in. But pull back from prospering and send off a weak, poor vibe which scares off people and money. Try the super size approach. Go big or go home. If you work from this space you can prosper mightily.

Struggling bloggers mistakenly feel adding content without monetizing blogs helps you build a rep. This is a lie. Because you build a rep by helping people and pay the bills by monetizing your help. Monetizing means posting ads to your blog from Day 1 as a blogger. Let go the idea you can only charge for your services or generate ad revenue once you create helpful posts for days, weeks or months. This is a lie. If you work on your blogging skills and help people and create good content you can make money through advertising quickly. You will get many clicks fast.

Creating bigger ads makes you intent clear; you are here to help people and prosper. You no longer feel funny about making money so you post blatantly obvious ads. Sounds smart to me. Last month I was a little light in the ad revenue department. Now I know to switch things up. I will post bigger ads. Let us try this tweak and see how it works, shall we?