Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1 Proven Reason Why You Get Infinitely More Page Views

Another stunning sunset in Phuket, Thailand...I took this picture a few months back...

I see more page views than ever on my internet business blogs. The reason?

Well it is kind of simple. And proven. People crave 1 thing over most other things, when it comes to blogging, or building a website.

People tend to click if they see something.

The reason:

  • ties into most people living completely through their senses
  • is quite irresistible to virtually all people; no you are not too sophisticated to ignore this reason
  • relates to a basic instinct that you just are not going to quell; at least if you are not a monk

How can you get infinitely more page clicks quickly? What can you do to grow your internet business blog fast?

Post Bright, Shiny Images to Your Blog

Have you noticed how I post images to each blog post these days?

I was formerly lazy. I used to be a fool. I wanted to churn out blog post after blog post quickly and had no time to post images.

This hurt my internet business prospects in a big way because although I saw a quick spike in views by overall views dropped off. Quickly.

Work at home types - like virtually all people on earth - love eye candy. Nobody - well almost nobody, outside of spiritual masters - can resist a bright, shiny image.

I am partial to posting my vacation pictures each day because I have so many stunning images I wish to share with you.

I want to sell the dream. I want to help you live your dream, and inspire you to charge forward, despite any obstacles, to become successful in the work at home niche.

Why Do People Click So Quickly?

Most folks live through their senses. This means you behave in a reactive manner. You see a picture associated with a blog post on Facebook. You click. 1 more page view.

No real thought goes into the process, nope, you see, click, and the blogger registers another view.

Internet business pros play on this tendency. Blogging pros play on this tendency too.

Observe sites like dailymail, or The Huffington Post, or Mashable. Some of the most popular blogs on earth know the secret to more page views because:

  • they know people love eye candy
  • they know people would rather see images rather than text
  • they know that pictures do count for a thousand words - or more - and play on this truth
Think about how you digest images. You might see a picture online or offline and dwell on the image.

Thoughts and feelings race through your mind. You might find a picture stunning, or revolting. In either case you are captivated on some level.

Because of this human tendency you must post images with each blog post to see more page views.

Also use an eye-catching banner, as well as image-heavy widgets along your blog sidebar.

Go above and beyond in the image department to see a quick spike in page views, and to promote your internet business success.

Readers just cannot resist bright, shiny things, ya know?

Do you use images to snag your reader's attention?

How can you better use pictures to boost your blog page views?