Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic Immediately

You want blog traffic now, right?

Easy there cowboy or cowgirl? Impatience kills your marketing campaign.

Be present. You can generate steady traffic - or even see an immediate surge - when you feel calm, and confident.

This blogging thing is first a mental game, then a physical game. Get your mind right, and act.

How did I snap the image above last year in Bali? I worked on my mindset.

I cleared the inner world and then followed up by acting on my intuitive nudges, this is how I do the paradise island-hopping bit pretty much year round.

Be Patient

The first tip has nothing to do with being practical. I will not share helpful, practical, usable tips until you are patient. Why?

An impatient person feels desperate and desperate people skip all the details that patient, calm and confident folks note...

...and of course, the patient crowd, noting all details, succeeds in generating much blog traffic quickly.

Be patient. Prosper.

Write Guest Posts

I write 1 guest post daily. If I feel good, I write 2.

Because my posts get 100 retweets after 2 days, but one site where I write guest posts gets 300 to 400 retweets after 2 days.

Can you see why guest posting generates you a bunch of traffic quickly?

You provide value to a massive audience, in most cases, an audience bigger than your blog audience.

Naturally, you generate more traffic for your blog.

Go bonzo posting to other blogs while you post to your blog, to see a spike in blog traffic.

Join Multiple Tribes

I am a member of 5 different blogging tribes. I belong to Triberr, the CommentDX Group on Facebook, an MLM Tribe on FB, an automated sharing tribe on FB and 1 sharing tribe on Google Plus.

I share various blogs on each tribe.

So I get a ton of traffic sent to my blogs, quickly, as I help people generate traffic and they help me in return.

Tribes are a no brainer. After rejoining Triberr I noted a monstrous surge in traffic, and snagged over 15,000 page views in my first month on my new blog.

These are heady numbers, folks!

Tribe it up to get more blog traffic immediately.

Do you use these tips?

What tips can you add to this list?