Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Having a Plan B Is Catastrophic to Your Online Success

Awesome sunset in Quepos, Costa Rica the other night. Love it here!

I travel the world because I do not do the Plan B thing. I invest myself fully in succeeding.

I mean, I do set up multiple income streams, and save money, and think through my online business thoroughly, but I do not set up Plan B's.

Plan B's can be comfort zones. You never grow sitting in comfort zones. You are in a holding patter, or actually, you are regressing, because you can only grow, or die.

Plan B's are nice and comfy, and stagnant, and alleged safe places, where you almost always decay, as you fallback, and de-commit, and sprint back to where you feel comfortable.

I also do not give things a shot, because this is code for "I am preparing for failure, actually, I know I will fail, but at least I will try."

Go all in. If you need a push, push yourself. Quit your job early. Give yourself a tiny cushion. I swear, unless I went through hell I would never be here.

I would never have been prolific.

I would have never pushed myself to insane levels.

I had no choice. No Plan B. Which was a wonderful thing, because if I had a job to fall back on, I would still be in NJ, working a job and back burnering my online business.

You can only succeed wildly by being all in. If you can be all in with a Plan B, God Bless you, you are one of the select few who have intense drive, who can stoke your desire, with a backup plan.

Work your job. Save. Develop a small cushion. Then cut the strings.

Do what you need to do to succeed, and cut off sources of retreat, so you have no choice but to succeed.

I could be sitting in a crowded, noisy shipping terminal now, working the 2nd shift, holding on to my Plan B, but I decided to go all in, with Plan A, and instead....

....I am sitting on my deck in Costa Rica, with the jungle behind me and the Pacific Ocean in front of me.

Let me know if you are Plan B guy or gal, and how this approach works for you.