Saturday, June 29, 2013

3 Tips to Make Commenters Drool Over Your Blog

Goad commenters to drool all over your blog...

Comments makes your online business blog a big old party. Who likes a good party? Most people. Bloggers and readers like being seen where all the cool people hang out.

If you are fed up with not seeing any comments on your posts, take heart. You can:

  • draw in more interested, genuine commenters quite quickly; just give out whatever you want to receive
  • boost your brand awareness as your blog becomes an in-demand hang out for other online business entrepreneurs
  • get a nice little ego boost; hey, we all like seeing 10, 20 or 50 comments on our latest blog not let these liars fool ya hahahaha...

By getting comments you gain the trust of your audience. Yep, social proof counts for that much. But getting is always preceded by

Give Out That Which You Want

Ryan always seems to bring up sowing and reaping, or karma, or any idea related to getting by giving first.


Because it works! If you want commenters to drool all over your online business blog drool all over other people's blogs, by posting helpful, insightful, thoughtful comments on your buddies; blogs.

Read the blog post. Formulate your opinion. Note one point made. Expound on the point. Attract 1 more blog commenting fan.

Sowing and reaping rocks because it is the quickest and easiest way to get what you want. One problem though; most people lack the patience to sow for even one day.

Get over this block. Be patient. Rake in comments by leaving genuine comments on niche-specific blogs.

Write Intriguing Blog Titles

I admit, for quite a while my comments dropped off. Big time.

I wondered, why? I built a network of loyal comment-givers and I also aggressively commented on other blogs from within my online business niche.

I was flummoxed until I realized this; my titles sucked. I missed out on 1 oft-missed key to generate comments.

You must create comment-worthy posts to generate more comments. Bloggers have a gazillion choices to choose from, via tribes, and social networks, so you must stand out from this crowd by getting down to online business and creating a memorable blog posts.

Note your title; is it interesting? Or does it grab your attention by the cajones? Make something memorable to boost your comment numbers and grow your work at home venture.

Respond Frequently to Get More Comments Quickly

People need to be heard. Even successful, drive, self-confident online business entrepreneurs need people to listen in, process their voice and respond.....if these folks are showing up again.

Respond to comments in a timely fashion to get more comments.

If you struggle to generate even one comment and tips 1 and 2, you got down cold, well tip 3 might be the culprit.

Try responding each hour to better generate comment mojo. 

If people see you responding quickly they might comment more quickly.

One note; as you gain comment mojo you can check in a few times daily. 

Do you get many comments?

Do commenters drool over your blog?