Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Magical Online Secrets Are You Desperately Looking for?

I just scarffed down a bowl of corn flakes and bananas here in Quepos Costa Rica.

I am probably hitting the above beach in a few hours.

I have work to do now. At 6:44 AM, as I glance at the clock, I think of all the fun but persistent work I need to do, to live the life I live.

No secrets exist for online success. Just smart, persistent work. You work smart and long you succeed online. You work stupidly, or sporadically, you fail.

You will be losing virtually all of your old, negative habits. You need to let them go to succeed.

You will be giving up many of your old hobbies, even positive high energy hobbies, if you REALLY want to succeed with your online business.

Hobbies take up time. You need to devote 8, 10 or 15 hours or more on your business each day, to learn how to work it.

No secret here, just lots of smart work, for hours each day.

I am a basketball fan. I used to be a nut, watching hour's worth of basketball or reading about the sport daily.

That all ended when I started my online businesses. Time issue. 1 more secret here, which I noted above; getting rid of old hobbies, or reducing time spent on hobbies.

You have 24 hours today. You spend 8 or more working intelligently on your online business, you uncovered a great secret.

No short-cut exists because you learn, through trial and error, how to succeed, and learning means putting in time.

It is never easy, until it becomes easy, and even then, you will feel uncomfortable at times.

This is how you become free.

This is how you travel the world.

You ready?