Monday, June 17, 2013

Are You Forcing Yourself to Do Things You Have No Interesting in Doing?

I write articles. I like writing articles and getting paid for writing articles. I write on different topics. But I never write about what I do not know. Or, better put, I never write about something that takes hours for me to research.

Get Rid of the Neediness to Succeed More Quickly

Sure I might tackle a topic a bit off of my path but hey, I do not NEED the money, so I do write articles I have no interest in writing. If I like the topic, I write. If I do not like the topic, or the topic takes too much research time, I will definitely let go.

Letting Go Helps You Grow More Quickly

Because when you let go, you grow. You simply attract better opportunities quickly. You release on bad matches and attract good matches. Now this takes great faith, to follow this path, when you feel fearful about losing money or you are experiencing a money shortage.

Developing Posture and Contrast Helps You Make Money Online

But you must develop posture, and a strong sense of contrast, if you are to make money online at a solid clip. If you push yourself you can succeed online. But you cannot succeed online if you are busy doing all types of things you have no interest doing.

Sometimes you do a few things you wish not to do, in the name of growing your business, but if you spend 4, 7 or 12 hours a day doing stuff you hate doing, or have no interest doing, you are doomed. You cannot succeed if you are not happy, or actively engaged in your work.

You are here for a quick period of time. Sometimes you do uncomfortable stuff. At other times you must learn to release, to find better matches. Only you know how you should act, what you should let go.

Release on Bad Matches

Prepare to release on bad matches to make room for good matches. I will not spend 2 hours researching or writing a 500 word article when I can let go and find 500 word articles I can write in a fraction of the time. Learn to have faith. A better match awaits.

Do you do what you most love doing all day long?