Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Do You Deal with Annoying People?

I snapped an image of this stunning sunset in Penang, Malaysia earlier this year...

You might be disgusted with how much time you spend catering to annoying people.

Or you feel guilty for labeling certain home business folks as, "annoying."

Forgive yourself. Even if you possess the patience of Job you will get annoyed by:

  • people who constantly complain
  • people who say they are ready to join your home based opportunity with they "have the money"
  • people who criticize you after you have completed a job well done
  • people who see the negative in virtually all circumstances
  • people who hate you for what you do, even if you are doing really great things

As you can imagine I have run into these louses - umm, I mean, unhappy people - from time to time. At times, I have a compassionate heart.

At other times I give people a verbal beat down. But I soon learned that by doing one thing, I could generate cash online at a greater clip and grow my home business swiftly.

I could save myself hour's worth of agitation, and annoyance, and heartache, and heartburn, and nightmares, all by doing this 1 simple little thing...

I Ignore Them

I ignore annoying people. I am selectively ignorant. This is 1 secret to my success.

 I help people when they need help but I am a leader, not a savior, so I also let people figure stuff out on their own when they need to do so....this goes for my home business team, and for anybody who I meet.

I love people. But I love my precious time here on earth even more, and I love being blessed with a mind, and I would never dishonor God by allowing annoying people to waste my time or poop on my mind.

Sorry, but it is true.....because if you placate annoying people you make yourself a doormat. If however you ignore these individuals, claiming selective ignorance, they will:

  • solve their own problems
  • find problem solvers
  • stop bugging you
  • vanish as quickly as you move your attention away from them

I know how difficult it might be to let go annoying home business prospects or even team members but if you want to be a servant, you must let go people who no longer deserve your service.

You are a leader, not a home business savior. You help people who want to be helped, not who need you to save them.

After I changed my vision of self I stopped attempting to do the Savior Thing and simply did the Leader Thing, helping hungry people, future leaders, and my annoyances vanished for the most part.

You are not responsible for other people. Do your best job, help who wants to be helped, leave things at that.

Annoying Critics

When I run into an annoying critic, I smile, wish them the best, then leave them be.

I never engage a charging bull. That would be assinine. I simply ignore them after wishing them the best.

Leaders - who I allow into my mind - never toss angry, critical barbs your way.

Leaders are supportive, and nurturing, and of course, you can almost always take a leader's advice, assess it, and then decide whether or not to take the advice to heart.

Nasty critics on the other hand need to be swiftly ignored, and eradicated from your life, because these sniveling, weak-minded folks will trample all over your mind if you allow them to do so.

How do you deal with annoying people?

Do you annoy them back? lol....

Do you ignore annoying home business team members or prospects?

Or do you try to help every single person who meets you, even the people who want you to be a savior?