Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Online Business Mastery: Do You Have a Vision?

Smiling on the beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica....Kelli and I hit the beach - a 10 minute ride away - pretty frequently during low season here...

Are you writing blog posts to write blog posts?

Or do you have a vision in mind?

You cannot write to make money online, or to generate advertising revenue, or to snag home business leads, or to do stuff other than, helping people.

Sure you can make a few bucks, but without a vision:

  • you cannot possibly get past obstacles
  • you will quit when times get tough
  • you will lack the drive to make real money online
  • you will lose right of what really matters when you need that extra push.

If you do have a clear, pulsating vision of where you need to be with your online business success is a formality for you.

Success is yours because you have so much faith in yourself and where you need to be that you cannot possibly give up when times get tough....and times WILL get tough, with your online business. Trust me on that one ;)

Example; I went broke at one time, and I had no clarity around what I wished to do, and my team seemed to bail on me, and folks backed out from joining my home based opportunity.

Fast forward a few years; I have multiple income cash flow streams. I am prospering, traveling the world, living in tropical paradises - Costa Rica now - and life is good.

I built a vision.

Focusing on Your End Goal Makes Your End Goal Arrive Quickly

Your goal makes a beeline for you.

We live in a Universe of attraction. You attract ideas, people and circumstances to you.

By shifting your attention to a vision, a goal, a dream, you make the dream come real. You attract ideas to create the dream.

You move into actions to make your online business vision come alive.

You will attract the people to help you create your vision.

Online Business Mastery

But you must have a vision to have a vision.

You must picture a detailed, particular picture of yourself achieving your dreams if you want to make the dreams come true.

Get it in fear, folks! Are you working to pay the bills, or to generate a bit of online business revenue, or do you really want to make your dreams come true.

Do you want to travel the world, or to buy your dream home or to help people live their dreams?

Do you want to be a world-changing online business entrepreneur?

Whatever you want, you need to see it, in vivid detail, to influence your goals to make a beeline for you.

Take a deep breath guys and gals. Get on purpose. Avoid straying off course.

By having a vision:

  • Obstacles disappear
  • You push yourself farther and harder than you would without having a vision
  • You stay up later and wake up earlier to reach your online business dreams
  • You persist like heck to make your dreams come true
Do you have a clear online business vision?

How do you build your vision?

What are your ultimate goals?

How can you better build your vision?