Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1 Thing Which Separates Dreamers from Doers

As I soaked up the sunset from our place in Costa Rica I thought about how I arrived here.

How I went from broke joke to prospering, jet-setting entrepreneur.

Dreamed. I did.

What separates me from dreamers? 

I am hungry.

You need to act like the person who lives the dream.

Re-read that statement.

If you dream of traveling the world yet post your ad on social sites for 2 hours, and call it a day, you are acting like a person who makes $2 a day.

If you dream of owning a mansion but spend 5 hours daily doing paid surveys for peanuts, you are acting like a person who struggles to make rent each month.

The dreamer must act as if.....as if they are already living their dream.

So the guy who dreams about traveling the world writes 10 articles or more daily for months....or he writes over 4000 articles....or he shoots over 1000 videos.

Yep, I did all that stuff, because: I needed to dream and act like the person who lived the dream, to live my dream.

You must dream epic dreams and DO epic stuff to live a dream life.

Doing epic stuff means pushing yourself beyond your limits daily.

This is freeing but uncomfortable at times. Gotta do it if you want to live your dreams.

I snapped the image up top. I live in Quepos, Costa Rica for a bit. I have traveled the world for over 2 years.

I rock it out because I dream big. and act big.

Do you?

I hope so ;)

What do you believe separates dreamers from doers?