Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Can You Better Deal with Online Frustrations?

You might be fed up with seeing the same number of page views. You are in a serious holding pattern. Take heart! By doing a few simple things you can move your attention from frustration to gratitude. You can stop blocking creative ideas and begin allowing prospering ideas to flow into your mind.

Expressing Gratitude Is Important to Foster Peace of Mind

Frustrated entrepreneurs express zero gratitude for where they are right now. Imagine this clearly; you see that your blog generated 900 views daily after raking in 1200 views for a few days last week. You are annoyed at the slight drop in views. Yep, 1200, 1400, 2000, these numbers sounds right.

How about expressing sincere gratitude for the 900 views you received today and yesterday? Moving your focus from lack to abundance instantly eases your frustrations. Shift your attention to your accomplishments, whatever they may be.

If you only pull in 20 page views daily express gratitude for the 20 page views. That is 20 more than people who have 0 page views, and to boot, you are embarking on an exciting, new and freeing online business career. Fools are ungrateful while smart, happy and peaceful people express gratitude.

Work on Improving Your Mindset and Online Business

Work on improving you.

By improving your mind and internet marketing campaign you enter into a new, exciting, frustration-free vibe. Detach from business outcomes. Concentrate on how you can better serve, or inspire, or share value, through your blog, or social networking sites.

Shifting your attention instantly eases any anxieties, worries or frustrations. Adopt a grateful, hungry vibe, a feeling that you are happy with where you are and even happier with the improvements you continue to make.

Do this and you will instantly deal with online frustrations from a better space.

How do you deal with online frustrations?