Sunday, June 16, 2013

Never Lose Sight of What Matters

Blogging matters.

Writing posts matters.

So I write many post daily.

I keep writing no matter what. 10 or more posts and articles combined, daily.

Because I am a blogger. I write.

If I networked all day, I would be a better networker but my writing skills would be poor.

One thing should matter more than anything to you.

Focus on the one skill you wish to develop more than any skill.

Hone that skill.

And let go other skills you need to let go of.

Now I can obsess over sharing all my tribe mate's content, commenting on their blogs.

Or I can write this blog post.

I am a blogger, that matters most, so I write the post. I let go even though it feels uncomfortable.

I hate letting go at times. I can promote later, or I can release on promoting all people in my tribes.

Whatever. I just need to blog first and foremost became blogging matters most.

Since I am a blogger, I blog first, and network after doing all the blogging I need to do in one day.

The letting go is difficult at times but this feeling signals that yes, you need to grow, by letting go, and by doing the difficult, and uncomfortable, you can quickly grow like a weed.

Let me know how you stay focused on what matters.