Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bless Your Annoyances

Your annoyances teach you about you.

Before projecting your anger on someone, take a deep breath. You choose to be annoyed.

Sometimes I like angering over tiny stuff; noises, someone being annoyed with me, etc. It is my fault.

Of course, you are human. You will get annoyed, agitated and POed over your online business dealings from time to time.

The trick lies in watching the feeling and letting it go without acting on it.

If you can do this - by meditating daily, and through practice - you will save yourself from countless arguments, annoyances, fights, clashes....all goes away because you blessed your annoyances.

When you feel yourself getting annoyed over anything, laugh, and bless the feelings. Doing this makes you magnetic to peaceful feelings.

Once you magnetize yourself to peaceful feeling you see the annoyance was a choice.

You choose to feel annoyed, or to be at peace.

You choose agitation or calm.

The outside has nothing to do with the inside.

Blessing your annoyances helps you see this.