Monday, June 10, 2013

3 Steps to Accelerate Your Online Progress

That is a little monkey outside of our place in Costa Rica.

He makes progress like crazy. Always moving forward at a quick pace.

If you desire to make online business progress as quickly as our Capuchin buddy you better do these 2 things.

Push Your Farther Each Day

By pushing yourself farther you automatically see better results. All you want lies outside of your current comfort zone.

Example; you usually go to bed at 10:00 PM but decide to hit the sack at 10:20, AFTER writing your 5th blog post of the day.

Once you write the extra post and stayed up late you pushed yourself a little bit extra and will note a surge in online business growth, in most cases. More page views, more success.

Let Pros Inspire You

I am sometimes stunned by how much successful people push themselves. Whether these folks work 18 hour days or go through hell I push myself to grow like them, because I have to.

Example; OK, this is not a biz pro, but a dog. I saw a video about a dog who had his top snout torn off during an accident where he leaped in front of a car to save his masters.

Touching and inspiring, because he was always cheery and happy, even after experiencing such brutal bodily trauma. It inspired me to push myself and keep a cheery attitude no matter what happens, or what I pain I feel.

Keep Going

Capital LOL! This one is easy, or not so easy. By persisting when you feel like quitting, or taking it easy, you accelerate your online progress at a breakneck pace.

You grow like a weed.

You become a superstar because you naturally grow, by pushing yourself, and this growth becomes a habit.

How do you accelerate your online progress?

What tips can you add to this list?