Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are You Too Lazy to Make Money Online?

Does that look like a lazy bastard to you? Me picking up God knows what from the surf to get my pump in at our current vacation spot....Quepos, Costa Rica

Quit. Right now. Go ahead and quit, and save yourself precious time and energy, because making money online requires you to:

  • Bust your ass
  • Bust your ass again tomorrow
  • Bust your ass again the next day
  • Do this for the next year, at least

If this seems like a bit much, quit. Because you will fail. NO sense failing if you can avoid failing, right?

We have all been there, us globe-trotting, world-traveling online business pros, have wanted to quit, and have been lazy at times.

This is part and parcel with making money online.

I do not want to write this post.

I am sick of list style posts.

That is why I freestyle it today. I care not to force things and churn out another boring post because you will feel my bored energy. No point posting. Ain't gonna help my internet business.

But if I decide to pack some high energy into my posts, and to help people, and entertain, and use media, like videos, or pictures, and if I do this without attaching, I might just kick my lazy bones feelings to the curb.

I might feel like creating, again, and making money online with blogging, by sharing something useful with my audience.

These quitting type feelings, you cannot avoid them, guys...but if you are too lazy on a daily basis, to prosper, you are doomed. Do not bother.

Maybe take 1 day off, running away from your computer, before you decide to quit for good. After you assess your feelings, go ahead, and make the decision.

Guys, this gig gets tough at times. I mean in the long run, running an online business is easy because you develop your skill set to effectively churn out high energy, inspired, lead generating and cash generating blog posts.

Before that point, you are in trouble if you feel too lazy, or do not want to be bothered with:

  • social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter
  • Blogging
  • writing list emails
  • blogging daily, yeah had to note this marketing approach gain it's that important!
  • talking to people
  • promoting other people
  • busting your ass
This is not an easy gig, until you push through uncomfortable feelings, and decide to make it easy, by learning your craft inside out and rocking it out.

Then it becomes really, really easy, so easy that you can pretty much do it on auto pilot.

I felt lazy but I churned out this post in 10 minutes. I spruced it up, and published. Easy, even though I was a lazy home business entrepreneur in the moment. 

That is how it works; you persist through tough times, kick your laziness to the curb, develop a skill, then you can use that skill on demand, to make money online.

Easy? Yeah, now....but I did not arrive here by being lazy, ya know?

Are you lazy?

Do you expect something for nothing?

What have you done to become more industrious?

What drives you to make money online?

What tips can you share to help keep you motivated?

How can you better motivate your online business team? Yourself?