Monday, June 3, 2013

1 Reason Why Having Many Friends Puts Money in Your Pocket

Feedback. If you have many friends you get plenty of feedback.

No need to listen in on each piece of advice. Some feedback is good money and some is worthless. Some tips are terrible and other tips are spot on.

I have revamped this blog recently due to feedback I received from many folks. I will continue to tweak based on this feedback.

I also know to ignore garbage feedback. Some people are miserable. These folks project on you.

How can you sift out garbage feedback from good feedback?

No answer exists, but your feelings tell you quite a bit in this department. If you get angry when someone tweaks you, there is an underlying feeling with you suggesting the statement is true.

So you gotta own it if you want to be free of it. If you care less about feedback, not being bothered by some comment or criticism, the statement does not hold true to you.

Example; someone hops on my blog and says that I do not create enough content. I need to post more frequently.

I laugh this guy off because naturally I know that I create plenty of content. So the statement is not true to me. So I do not listen. Since I post 6 to 10 to 15 times on some days this guy does not bother me.

If I posted once weekly and the gal offers the same feedback I might get pissed. Or I might accept the feedback. But if I do get angry the statement rings true and I need to listen and start posting more.

If you have 5000 Facebook friends and 24,000 twitter followers and 4000 buddies on Google Plus you are getting plenty of feedback.

This is a good thing. Keep meeting people. You will receive priceless suggestions and beyond that you will learn how to deal with criticism in all forms.

Money advice.

How do you handle feedback?

Do you maybe avoid meeting many more friends because you are afraid to be criticized?