Friday, June 14, 2013

Are You Non-Resistant?

I used to love a good fight.

I still like being right so I guard against the urge to fight.

But 99% of the time I am non-resistant.

Many intelligent people lack wisdom. They have book smarts but lack humility. They cannot lose a fight.

This is why many smart people are broke, or unhappy. They spend hours of their day debating, trying to be right.

Or fighting, attempting to win every time.

If you scroll down a well read message board - and for the love of God, do this for like 10 seconds a day, if not 5 seconds, max - you see evidence of intelligent people, even brilliant people, and driven people, who waste their time trying to be right, building up resistance in their lives.

They could be non-resistant, but that would be too difficult to bear, the idea of letting go, and being humble.

I travel the world. I make money through multiple channels. I spend my time doing this stuff because I am non-resistant.

If somebody makes a great point, different from mine, great. I thank them for sharing. I might think it through and respond once. That is it. No need going beyond.

Because I have more blog posts to write and articles to create, and I do not want to build up that sneak, I need to be right, type resistance, that ensnares even the most disciplined online entrepreneurs.

Be non-resistant. Let go. Let them win, so you become powerful.