Sunday, June 23, 2013

6 Quick Steps to Blogging Success

Gorgeous countryside view from Cusco, Peru.....2 stops ago on my current world tour...

No shortcuts exist on the path to blogging success.

Silly online business bloggers try to find the secret road, the easy, quick way to make money online and develop their influence.

This crowd becomes terribly disappointed after 3 years of trickery, when they are at the same exact spot where they started…..3 years before.

If you patiently follow these steps you can:
  • Establish your authority quickly
  • Drive steady, targeted traffic to your blog
  • Make money online at a consistent clip
  • Attract like-minded bloggers 

If you work, you generate cash online through blogging.

If you bust your tail you can grow a prospering online business through blogging.

Resist the urge to take shortcuts….unless you want to fail, year, after years, after year.

Be Prepared to Embrace Criticism

I hate nasty criticism. For this reason alone I held back from guest posting, for many years.

After I got up my online business gumption I churned out guest posts, generated some criticism and drove a sick amount of traffic to my internet business blogs.

Be prepared to embrace criticism, so you can learn from helpful feedback and develop a thick skin, if releasing negative, worthless feedback.

Get Up Earlier

Get up earlier than most other bloggers to become successful more quickly.

While most bloggers are sleeping in on this Sunday I am up at 7 AM, meditating and exercising down, now I churn out the post.

Getting up earlier to grow your online business takes the bullshit “I have no time to write posts” excuse out of the equation.

Go to Bed Later

Going to bed later than most other online business bloggers gives you the edge. You can wake 30 minutes earlier and hit the sack 30 minutes later for 1 full extra hour, which translates to 2 to 3 extra blog posts daily.
Does that sound like too much of a sacrifice?

Well, if you think I am lucky to live a life few live, traveling around the world for 2 years running, visiting countless tropical paradises, well, this is how I did it.

I get up early and stay up late to lap the online business blogging niche.

Work Harder than Everybody Else

If you can work harder than everybody around you, look out! The accolades will flow in, as will the money, and overall success.

Make money online by outworking your blogging competition.

Work smart. Work persistently. Work, work, work, to succeed as an online business blogger.

Treat Blogging like Going to College

I remember the early days of my blogging career. I opened my Wordpress backoffice. Wrote a post. Published. Then I watched TV, or hit the weight room.

LOL….of course….because this pipe dream style of blogging promoted my failure for many months.
When I studied authority blogs, took notes, and did what the bloggers told me to do – like using SEO, catchy titles, h2 tags, keywords, different fonts, smaller paragraphs, etc, etc, etc – I attracted more readers, money and success.

Treat blogging like going to college. Study authority blogs, take notes and put the knowledge into action daily.

Never Make Excuses

1 constant rings true, through all failing online business bloggers.

The crowd makes lame excuses.

Release any/all excuses if you want to succeed.

You have 24 hours today. I do not care if you have a family and work full time; these are personal choices, that you made, so live with them…..

….then, use most of your free time to build your blog – your kids will appreciate the extra vacations, freedom, etc…..and you will be able to leave your 9-5 – and yes, you will kill the habit of making excuses and promote your blogging success.

What tips can you add to this list?

How did you become a successful blogger?