Monday, June 3, 2013

1 Quick Tip to Accelerate Your Growth and Success

I snagged a prospering home business opportunity recently because I saw growth. I am not afraid to learn. Each time I write a post I have a few new things to learn. This is awesome. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable - even though the lessons are easy - because I am focusing on learning new concepts. Sort of overwhelming of course but I still embrace the lessons.You might con yourself into thinking that yes you are an eager learner but when push comes to shove you reject the lessons.

Example; the situation I note above has been fun and challenging. I jumped all over it. But I have moments where I put off writing posts for this opportunity because I know the intensive research going into this strategy and the strict attention to detail I put into publishing these blog posts....on the other blog, because on my blog, after doing strict SEO for many months, I did not note a markable increase in traffic, or in Ad revenue, or any of that good stuff. So now, after testing, I ignore this stuff for a larger part because I view it as a time sap.

Well on the other blog it is not so. I kick this idea out of my mind and get down to the nitty gritty, focusing on all the good stuff they teach, learning, embracing, fighting myself in moments then moving back to enjoying it all as I wade through the learning maze. I grow quickly because I am open to learning. I am opening to learning even though I do not feel like learning each day but I still move forward and learn.

Devote yourself to learning and growing. You might feel upset or uncomfortable when you adopt a new strategy. No worries. Learn. grow your home business. Take the time to increase your skill set by learning and diving into new, uncomfortable but freeing growth vehicles. I am attracting more traffic and interest than ever though this new opportunity and a series of opportunities through which I prosper.


Are you open to learning?