Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What to Do When Your Mentor Bolts?

Some of you work home business opportunities. Other people blog. Whatever you gig you likely have a mentor. Leaders make your job easier; you can follow a step by step system, call your coach with any questions and seamlessly grow your venture with a security blanket....aka your mentor.

When your mentor flies the coop all hell seems to break lose. Nobody to reach with your questions, no where to turn when you are in trouble, and the dependable, solid rock you leaned against has vanished, throwing your life into a wicked spiral.

I never connected much with my mentor so I pretty much know what it feels like to have an absentee mentor. My fault, of course, although I would have dug it if he reached out to me. In any case I latched on to a few proven online leaders, took notes, and prospered.

I Felt Lost with No Leadership

Before I latched I though I felt lost, angry and frustrated. Trying to do this stuff on my own was tough, as I had nobody to teach me, coach me, help me, become a success. I solved my problem - and you will solve yours too - by selecting ONE new mentor and following their lead.

Unless you are coached expect to fail for years. You need not hire anybody, although that can help, you simply need to start reading helpful, authority blogs, and follow the lead of these pros. Once you learn by example you can lead by example.

Focus on Doing 2 Things When Your Mentor Bolts

During your mentor searching process focus on doing 2 things; writing blog posts and promoting other people. By writing, you create value. By promoting other people, you build your network. Promoting includes respond to posts with valuable, helpful comments. This simple step bolsters relationships.

What tips can you add?

What do you suggest people do when their mentor bolts?