Friday, June 14, 2013

Avoid this Marketing Mistake at all Costs

I love Google. I really do.

But I do not act only to please Google.

Many bloggers treat Google as the Holy Grail of marketing, jumping through hoops to look good in Google's eyes.

The question is, Google is fickle. Rules change daily, or weekly, or who really knows, except Google?

So if you are trying to please a fickle master you are doomed. This is the marketing mistake. Doing stuff to please Google, or JUST doing stuff to please Google.

Correct the mistake. Create helpful blog posts. Meet people. Easy peasy. Once you create and connect you become Google proof.

At this point you have hundreds of good friends on social networks - after you wrote helpful posts and connected with friends for year - and you can grow a prospering business based on your value shared, and friends made.

You need to rely on Google at this point.

Sure it rocks to rank high on search engines, but at what cost.

Make a ton of friends and create a ton of value. Avoid the Google obsession marketing mistake and do what successful online and offline entrepreneurs have done well before the days of Google.